A Versioning Story

Odoo REST API Framework
API Framework: A Versioning Story 
A story of thoughts for vision

At EKIKA, we're passionate about empowering ERP Solutions. Our adventure began with a challenge from a valued client: MaRS needed a reliable attendance management system for their field workers, complete with a powerful and adaptable API for real-time use cases. Traditional solutions were high-maintenance and not dynamic, so we set out to find a better way.

Enter Odoo, the champion of versatility. As we're passionate about giving ERP solutions a power boost within limited budget. We discussed and thought for Odoo's REST API Framework inspired from DRF, and saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between existing APIs and the specific needs of Odoo ERP. 

Our vision: a robust and flexible API that caters to your specific needs without doing code.

As we started from MaRS, these version names for "Odoo REST API Framework" draws inspiration from Mars and its celestial features, reflecting different stages of development and stability:

  • Version 0.1 Mars Awakens (Alpha):
    In the alpha stage (0.1), the software is just beginning its journey, much like Mars awakening from its slumber. This version represents the initial phase of development, where the framework is being introduced and tested for the first time. It signifies the beginning of exploration and discovery, with potential for growth and improvement.
  • Version 0.7 Marsorb (Beta):
    As the software progresses to the beta stage (0.7), it becomes more structured and stable, similar to Mars orbiting steadily around its axis. "Marsorb" reflects this stage of development, indicating that the framework is nearing completion and orbiting closer to a stable release. It suggests a level of maturity and readiness for broader testing and feedback.
  • Version 1.0 Phobimo (Stable):
    The stable release (1.0) marks a significant milestone in the development journey, akin to the stability and reliability of Phobos, one of Mars' moons. "Phobimo" symbolises the culmination of efforts, with the framework reaching a state of solidity and dependability. It represents a version that is ready for widespread use, with confidence in its functionality and performance.

As for the next version names (Deimorph, Redoxis, Aresphere, Martianium, Olympium), they continue the theme of Mars-inspired names, each carrying its own significance and symbolism. These names may reflect aspects such as transformation, resilience, innovation, and exploration, aligning with the evolution and advancement of your API framework.

API Framework's

Evolution, Advancement and Continuity

  • Building a Foundation: Mars Awakens (0.1 Alpha): Our initial alpha release, "Mars Awakens," laid the groundwork for the framework. This version focused on establishing core functionalities, setting the stage for future development on top of fundamental features and functionalities.
  • Taking Shape: Marsorb (0.7 Beta): With "Marsorb," the beta stage, our framework began to solidify. We prioritised stability and encouraged user feedback to refine the functionalities and features offered.
  • Reaching Maturity: Phobimo (1.0 Stable): "Phobimo," named after the Martian moons, marked a significant milestone: a stable and dependable framework. This version signified the culmination of our initial vision.
  • (Next) Continuous Improvement: Deimorph (1.1 Stable) and Beyond

Why Versioning?

Transparency and Collaboration: The Power of Versioning.

Our versioning system reflects our commitment to transparency and collaboration. It keeps users informed of the framework's evolution, allowing them to leverage its ever-expanding functionalities. We aim towards equipping developers with the tools they need to build exceptional experiences within the Odoo ecosystem. We're excited to continue this journey, one innovation at a time.

Anand M. Shukla • CEO of EKIKA